We have very different coloring

Red, Green, Blue & Spaghetti hair triplets

Having fun with the 'Replace Color' function in Photoshop. I started with the navy blue, and it's probably my favorite. Green and Red both make me think of Robin Hood, and I can't decide if that's good or bad. Whatever the matter, I really love illustrating hair, but have the tendency to go overboard resulting in pasta-like coifs.

Almost makes me want to Photoshop in some meatballs... Almost.

PS - Hi to all the BSC fans! Claudia updates will come by roughly once a week.
I have yet to decide if I will take a stab at any of the other characters.

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  1. i am one of those bsc fans, thanks for the welcome!
    i quite love this drawing and would agree that the navy's the best. i look forward to seeing more of your drawings, especially the claudia ones!

  2. very pretty drawings,
    navy keeps the monochrome.

  3. Im another one of those BSC fans!
    Love your potrayal of Claudias outfits.
    Cant wait 'till the next claudia update...
    Its good your considering doind other bsc members, but we all know that Claudias outfits are the most fun!