What is your childhood trauma Pt. 7

#36: Jessi's Baby-sitter

"Claud was wearing a fake leopard-skin vest, a fairly tame blouse, and blue leggings. She had made her jewelry herself - five paper-mache bracelets that were painted in soft desert colors."

LaROK Wild Thing Vest // Wilt Hi Lo Tunic // Giuseppe Zanotti Sculpted Platform Wedge Booties

Happy Cyber Monday! I wanted to squeeze in one more post before December rolls in.

I took the liberty of theme-ing it up a bit by imagining Claudia imagining herself as a leopard roaming the sub-Saharan terrains (did any of that make sense?) Also remember, Stacey is the one who can't tell a palm tree from a cactus and Claudia is the one who can't spell Mary Anne Spier. I'm staunchly in favor of the theory that Claudia had an uncanny knack for Biology, but her apparent plant & animal interests were completely eclipsed by her kindergarten grammar.

But mostly, I wanted an excuse to draw these boots, even if leopard on leopard seems like overkill (a word that doesn't reside in Claudia's vocabulary or closet)...

Also, these Glamorous Sky leggings could be cool... *nudges James*


This illustration/description was made possible by Kristen's snarky goodness at BSC Revisited. Remember Kristy's little step-sister Karen? Relive your hate for the ankle biter when she revisits not only the BSC, but also the Little Sister spin-off books.


It's a ritual sacrifice... with pie

I finally succumbed to the ways of the great American Thanksgiving (happy belated, btw) tradition of losing your marbles over Black Friday sales... I can offer no excuses except the bum of these Alexander Wang quilted denim shorts (from Gilt Groupe for 80% off!!) are fantastic and the Jeffrey Campbell Taupe Suede Litas are going to keep my lonely pair of Pony Litas some company.

Images via Gilt and shinyplastichag

By now, most of you have noticed my weakness for all things with a giant high heel. My footwear teacher used to get so annoyed because I refused to design any kind of flat shoe even though they were much easier to make, since we had to carve all wooden heels by hand... Most of my designs ended up looking like fetish platforms or cartoon shoes.

mixed media illustration: pencil, marker & gold leaf

In retrospect, I wonder if I should have designed these in silver/gunmetal instead of gold. Either way satisfies my lust for metallic leather.

I designed these wedge pumps as part of a collection based on the Grecian god of the sun. If I had the proper supplies to construct the pair, you can bet I would have wore them until my feet stained from the blue leather lining.

Ah, well... At least I can cross off the Taupe Litas from my Christmas Wishlist :)

Anybody else give in to the weekend shopping temptation?


What is your childhood trauma Pt. 6

Before I decided to study fashion, I wanted to be a mangaka (comic book artist - yes, I am a huge geek), and I guess here is a good place as any to uncover my deep, dark not-so-secret:

I LOATHE the Raina Telemeiger BSC graphic novels.

There. I said it.

Yes, I know I should shut my trap because Telemeiger is apparently an award winning artist, but I don't care. Claudia with hot pink bangs? She's a 3rd generation Japanese-American artsy-fartsy teen from a upper-middle class Connecticut suburb, not some Got-Rice AzN chick of The Fast and the Furious persuasion.

Plus, the characters are drawn as if their bodies are shaped after potatoes, SO SUCK ON THIS, TELEMEIGER:

Mystery #6: The Mystery at Claudia's House

"...as soon as I looked in my closet that morning, I knew I wanted to wear this pair of black-and-white-checked stretch pants I just bought. I grabbed them and pulled them on. Next I started to look around for my red belt, since it would look perfect with the black and white....

...I remembered that fashion magazines always say to be bold and mix your patterns. That's what I'd do! I checked the closet again and found a black shirt with white polka dots. I held it up and looked in the mirror. The dots next to the checks made me a little dizzy, but I decided that the total effect was just what I had been looking for. I pulled on my red ankle boots, put my hair into a ponytail on the side of my head (fastened with a black-and-white barrette), stuck on my favorite red heart-shaped earrings, and I was ready to go."

Black Milk Houndstooth Leggings
// AA Wide Clasp Elastic Belt // Joie French Dot Silk Top //
Jeffrey Campbell Denmark Boots
// Eugenia Kim Herringbone Kelly Ruffled Barrette



I really want these booties in black, along with about a dozen other Jeffrey Campbell shoes (mostly more Lita Boots) for Christmas. I know I'm slapping high heels on Claudia every chance I get, but what can I say? I love sky-scraping platforms ^_^

Still taking requests. If you want to see a particular outfit illustrated, leave the book number & description in the comments [/shameless comment mongering]


What is your childhood trauma Pt. 5

Super Mystery #2: Baby-sitters Beware

"Claudia (who is Japanese-American with creamy, perfect skin, brown eyes, and long, straight black hair*) was wearing leggings, too - purple ones - with black Doc Martens, red slouch socks, black bicycle shorts over the leggings, a big t-shirt with the words "This Might Be Art" scrawled on it in purple (I knew she'd made it herself), and an old black suit jacket of her father's, with the sleeves rolled up... Claudia's earrings were purple feathers (she made those herself, too)."

* Yes, I know Claudia has straight hair blah blah blah, but you can't possibly have a girl that will braid her hair in a bajillion different ways and not experiment with a curling iron once in a while.

So I might be able to get down with lace bike shorts over leggings with slouch socks, after all (or it could still be the meds talking), but if I had both ears pierced, I'd definitely be down with some feather earrings. The peacock pair is modeled after ones I found browsing through Swan River Stone's Etsy Shop. Handmade feather jewelry? I'm sure Claudia would approve.

What say the peanut gallery?


From beneath you, it devours

Whoops ~ sorry, folks but it looks like yours truly suffered massive blogging-setbacks due to the cold/flu season. I've been sniffling up tissue-mountains ever since I returned from beautiful, mild & warm Taichung. I've a puny immune system to start out with, so combined with the temperature/climate change and jetlag, the cold totally kicked my ass :(

But enough woe-is-me's. I haven't been up for editing any of my Claudia scans since I can barely stay awake for more than 3 hours on end, but I'm slowly and surely working at it. For now, here's an oldie but a goodie.

This is from a look from the Barney's New York catalog in 2008, and I drew the illustration about a year ago. The dress is by Jean Paul Gautier... I have this masochistic tendency to LOVE illustrating prints/lace/textures, but this was too intense and I half-assed it towards the end (heh). The scan came out kind of funky, but I blame my lack of photo editing skills on the meds. Maybe someday (when I'm not dripping boogers everywhere) I'll post the high quality version of the sketch.

Pass the tissues, please T-T