What is your childhood trauma Pt. 7

#36: Jessi's Baby-sitter

"Claud was wearing a fake leopard-skin vest, a fairly tame blouse, and blue leggings. She had made her jewelry herself - five paper-mache bracelets that were painted in soft desert colors."

LaROK Wild Thing Vest // Wilt Hi Lo Tunic // Giuseppe Zanotti Sculpted Platform Wedge Booties

Happy Cyber Monday! I wanted to squeeze in one more post before December rolls in.

I took the liberty of theme-ing it up a bit by imagining Claudia imagining herself as a leopard roaming the sub-Saharan terrains (did any of that make sense?) Also remember, Stacey is the one who can't tell a palm tree from a cactus and Claudia is the one who can't spell Mary Anne Spier. I'm staunchly in favor of the theory that Claudia had an uncanny knack for Biology, but her apparent plant & animal interests were completely eclipsed by her kindergarten grammar.

But mostly, I wanted an excuse to draw these boots, even if leopard on leopard seems like overkill (a word that doesn't reside in Claudia's vocabulary or closet)...

Also, these Glamorous Sky leggings could be cool... *nudges James*


This illustration/description was made possible by Kristen's snarky goodness at BSC Revisited. Remember Kristy's little step-sister Karen? Relive your hate for the ankle biter when she revisits not only the BSC, but also the Little Sister spin-off books.


  1. I love your biology theory! And that drawing, of course, totally rad!

  2. turns out i am too lazy to siphon Claudia descriptions from my own books so here are two awesome outfits via whatclaudiawore

    From: #88: Farewell, Dawn
    "Today [Claudia] was wearing a baggy, white, cotton jumpsuit that was cut wide and open at the sides and neckline [?]. Under it she wore two sleeveless T-shirts, one purple, one pink. She'd tied the jumpsuit with a belt she'd made from safety pins and beads, and she'd used fabric paint to create a jungle scene on the left leg of the jumpsuit. From her ears dangled two colorful wooden parrot earrings onto which she'd glued beads that matched the beads on her belt."

    From:#62: Kristy and the Worst Kid Ever
    Today she was wearing purple-and-white-striped tights, Doc Martins (except she'd taken them off to sit on the bed), a short black ruffly skirt that looked like it was part of a women's Olympics figure-skater's costume, a purple cropped sweater with silver button covers on the back buttons, and a scrunchy black velvet hat decorated with purple and red velvet flowers."

    I hope you have the time to draw them :)