What is your childhood trauma Pt. 10

#74: Kristy and the Copycat

"Claudia was wearing a red satin baseball cap, purple sweatpants that were cut off just below the knees, purple high-tops with neon pink laces, red-and-white striped socks, and a red and pink tie-dyed crop top shirt... [Claudia and Stacey] were both using old gloves of mine... Claudia had this funky clay whistle shaped like a bird on a leather thong around her neck that she'd made in art class. It didn't really blast like Stacey's, but the Krushers all liked it anyway."

I know a lot of people think she sounds like a colorblind fool, but all I can see is sexy baseball elf of the Victoria's Secret persuasion (I'm almost positive they used to have red and white rugby socks, too).

And yes, I accidentally made the shoelaces black when they should be pink... But I'm having some technical difficulties transferring files (note to self, do not ignore hard drive failure warnings with six year old, decrepit laptop). I'll change it (eventually) so just deal for now.

**Edit 2/15 - Updated! Fixed the laces and general coloring to make her... cuter heh. I'm about 95% satisfied with this one, but you can still view the previous one here.

At any rate, she's doing better than Stacey's black/yellow/Nike getup. Weren't the Krushers red, anyways? There must be an appropriate Incredulous Kristy meme around here somewhere...


What is your childhood trauma Pt. 9

5 days until Christmas! All I wanted?

1) Colin Morgan
2) JC Taupe Litas
3) JC Charli Cs
4) New Laptop

5) Morinaga Caramel Candy (20 pack)

Lucky for all of you, I already have three of the five listed items, so all you guys have to do is send me Colin Morgan holding a box of Japanese candy tied up with a festive Christmas ribbon.

Not possible? Ah, well...

Doesn't hurt to ask, and anyways, 'tis the season of giving [a Dawn outfit for Poire Gourmande] so here's my gift to all of you :)

#50: Dawn's Big Date

"She helped me put together a great outfit, which was what I was wearing as we waited for Lewis.

... black ballet slippers; black lace capri leggings; a short metallic silver skirt with all this crinoliny stuff underneath that made it poof out; a stretchy, tight, black-and-white-striped top with long sleeves. I'd bought six rubber bangle bracelets, and a new pair of feather earrings that reached down to my shoulder. (I wore both earrings in the two holes in my right ear. I put a pair of small black hoops in the two holes on the left.) This time I didn't set my hair; I piled it on top of my head, then made six braids."

1) This outfit makes me want to_________.

A) cringe
B) laugh
C) burst into "Like a Virgin"
D) all of the above

I took many inspirations for this outfit: Robin Sparkles, 80's Madonna and Veronica Mars as 80's Madonna

Images via HIMYM @ CBS / Madonna Infinity / TV Cappers Anonymous

I'm not really sure who I had in mind when I pictured Dawn's face (Blake Lively, maybe?), but she turned out a lot more Stacey/Taylor Momsen than intended... Their faces were interchangeable as a child.

Oops (but not really).


Lone fashionable wolf

Introducing my ZOMG!Shoes (FYI, out of all the many Lita colorways, this fabric/heel combo is still my favorite). You'll have to pry these out of my cold, dead hands to take these babies away from me:

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Fur in Black Pony from Nasty Gal

In illustration-relevant news, I'm working on some reader-requests right now (hopefully in time for Christmas), so until they are ready, amuse yourself with these glorious Interweb curios:

  • Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling = "Hey Girl, I got in sort of a... emo mood... So, I planted you a garden" & "Hey Girl, I'm really concerned about all your problems with your roommate. Very Concerned".

  • Get your nostalgia on at Im Remembering (The Swatch phone is soooo Stacy)

  • Better Book Titles for all the Lit. Geeks in the house.

  • Why should you give alcohol to babies? Fake Science will tell you why.

  • Asami at Pink Kitten.chu.jp might as well be Fuck Yeah! Jeffery Campbell. Her collection and updates on new styles is an online library of everything you could ever need to know about JC shoes.
  • 12.12.2010

    What is you childhood trauma Pt. 8

    #71: Claudia and the Perfect Boy

    "You'd be amazed by the colors that go together. Take pink and gold. You might not think to wear pink socks with gold stretch pants, and then add a gold turtleneck** under a pink sweater. But that's what I did yesterday, and then I added blue jewelry. It was great! I looked like a human sunset."

    **Do you remember sleeveless turtlenecks? I remember sleeveless turtlenecks...

    AA Opaque Ankle Sock // AA Shiny Legging // AA Raglan Pullover // Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Dragon Lady IV // Ksubi Atria Sunglasses // JnEDesigns Turquoise Necklace // summerandsilver Turquoise Elastic Bracelet // AMIdesigns Pearl Memory Wire Bracelet // ImpossibleAlice Resin Bracelet // TrashyTrashyTrash Upcycled Wood Bracelet

    Before any of you go hating on Miss Human Sunset herself, watch this LG cellphone commercial (starring Korean pop idols Big Bang and 2NE1) and tell me Claudia would not fit right in:

    Boys in pink, hats wearing mini hats, bodysuits worn outside of leggings and gravity defying ponytails?

    Clusterfucking awesome.