Lone fashionable wolf

Introducing my ZOMG!Shoes (FYI, out of all the many Lita colorways, this fabric/heel combo is still my favorite). You'll have to pry these out of my cold, dead hands to take these babies away from me:

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Fur in Black Pony from Nasty Gal

In illustration-relevant news, I'm working on some reader-requests right now (hopefully in time for Christmas), so until they are ready, amuse yourself with these glorious Interweb curios:

  • Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling = "Hey Girl, I got in sort of a... emo mood... So, I planted you a garden" & "Hey Girl, I'm really concerned about all your problems with your roommate. Very Concerned".

  • Get your nostalgia on at Im Remembering (The Swatch phone is soooo Stacy)

  • Better Book Titles for all the Lit. Geeks in the house.

  • Why should you give alcohol to babies? Fake Science will tell you why.

  • Asami at Pink Kitten.chu.jp might as well be Fuck Yeah! Jeffery Campbell. Her collection and updates on new styles is an online library of everything you could ever need to know about JC shoes.

    1. Congrats Phi! They really suit you! You made me wanna get the Lita Fur:D