What is your childhood trauma Pt. 10

#74: Kristy and the Copycat

"Claudia was wearing a red satin baseball cap, purple sweatpants that were cut off just below the knees, purple high-tops with neon pink laces, red-and-white striped socks, and a red and pink tie-dyed crop top shirt... [Claudia and Stacey] were both using old gloves of mine... Claudia had this funky clay whistle shaped like a bird on a leather thong around her neck that she'd made in art class. It didn't really blast like Stacey's, but the Krushers all liked it anyway."

I know a lot of people think she sounds like a colorblind fool, but all I can see is sexy baseball elf of the Victoria's Secret persuasion (I'm almost positive they used to have red and white rugby socks, too).

And yes, I accidentally made the shoelaces black when they should be pink... But I'm having some technical difficulties transferring files (note to self, do not ignore hard drive failure warnings with six year old, decrepit laptop). I'll change it (eventually) so just deal for now.

**Edit 2/15 - Updated! Fixed the laces and general coloring to make her... cuter heh. I'm about 95% satisfied with this one, but you can still view the previous one here.

At any rate, she's doing better than Stacey's black/yellow/Nike getup. Weren't the Krushers red, anyways? There must be an appropriate Incredulous Kristy meme around here somewhere...


  1. Awesome, as usual! I'm trying to picture a red satin baseball cap in real life...

    -Haley @ Cardigan Junkie

  2. Love this! Damn Claudia, what a babe. I want a crop-top like that.

  3. It really looks better than it sounds, good job!

  4. why was i a little monster in adidas sambas and green day shirts in middle school?!?!? why oh why didnt i try to emulate those damn babysitters club books...

  5. Wow! Sometimes the outfit descriptions sound so ridiculous, and there's so much going on that they're hard to picture. But this (and all your other illustrations) looks fantastic. I guess the BSC writers were more visionary than I thought! You're very talented, btw!