A crypt for two

Most people think we are cheesy, but S & I often share clothing (I like oversized and he likes fitted) and often end up coordinating our wardrobe. Having an affinity for purple, he immediately picked up these boots from IceFire when we were in Hong Kong. I immediately loved the contrasting colors and textures, but I definitely can't wear shoes four sizes bigger than my own. Luckily, these glorious Jeffrey Campbell Litas became available via Solestruck.


  1. Those are wicked shoes! I love that your boyfriend isn't afraid to wear purple boots.

  2. I love your purple Litas! They're a bit brighter than I expected but look great! Also I love your BF's purple boots. I want them for my husband's gift! I actually haven't given him a gift for Christmas yet...I have to buy something asap!

  3. These are amazing! I wanted these in pink pony hair, but they were out of stock :( Your blog has a very interesting name, what does it mean? Also, you illustrations are the best! Following.

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