What is your childhood trauma Pt. 17

#62: Kristy and the Worst Kid Ever

"Today she was wearing purple-and-white-striped tights, Doc Martins [sic] (except she'd taken them off to sit on the bed), a short black ruffly skirt that looked like it was part of a women's Olympics figure-skater's costume, a purple cropped sweater with silver button covers on the back buttons, and a scrunchy black velvet hat decorated with purple and red velvet flowers."

Brushes : vaia @ dA

She's clearly unamused I opted for a crown of roses instead of a scrunchy velvet hat...
Too bad, Kishi. You're a hop, skip and jump from Blossom Russo territory. Don't push it :P

Happy White Day! This post is for Frankie...
I didn't forget your (or anyone else's) request... I'm just hella slow (;_;)


  1. This is really amazing. I got to your blog through a series of other BSC things, and I really REALLY admire your work! Awesome! Research plus art = AWESOME!

  2. Aw you remembered my request :D
    I have to say it looks really cute!

  3. @Feathermar - thanks!! I'm trying to branch out from the BSC stuff, but I still have a long way to go with Claudia's outfits lol

    @Frankie - yup! I try :) I hope my illustrations give Claudia a fighting chance for her otherwise ludicrous outfits ^_^