What is your childhood trauma Pt 21

#53: Kristy for President:

"Claud's hair was down, but she was wearing a hat. On the green hat ribbon was pinned a 'Kristy+' button. Her tights were orange and her dress was tie-dyed every color you could think of. She was wearing her feather earrings, and she'd drawn a star on her face next to her right eye."

Rag & Bone Hampshire Hat // Peacock Feather Earrings // Christopher Kane Rainbow Dress
Opaque Pantyhose // Jeffrey Campbell Sue Bee


Insane Troll Logic

Happy Thanksgiving, all.
I'm stuffed full of dishes of various root vegetables, and now I'm having a Very-Potter-Thanksgiving.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:

"Like her father, Luna was wearing bright yellow robes, which she had accessorized with a large sunflower in her hair. Once you got over the brightness of it all, the general effect was quite pleasant. At least there were no radishes dangling from her ears...


"I like this song," said Luna, swaying in time to the waltzlike tune, and a few seconds later she stood up and glided onto the dance floor, where she revolved on the spot, quite alone, eyes closed and waving her arms."


What is your childhood trauma Pt. 20

hello, bitches.
I'm back.

#44: Dawn and the Big Sleepover

"Claudia greeted us at the door to her room with her hair in a ponytail on top of her head, held up by a huge barrette in the shape of a bone, like Pebbles in The Flintstones. It made her hair bounce when she moved. She was even wearing a Pebbles-type outfit - a pink, off-the-shoulder blouse with huge polka dots and a ragged bottom over black tights. On anyone else it would have looked dumb or babyish, but on Claudia it looked cool."

Half Gloves // Hair-Bow Hair Barrette // Linda Farrow x Jeremy Scott Mickey Sunglasses
AA Two-Sided Leggings // Mary Jane Platform Pumps