What is your childhood trauma Pt. 26

#60: Mary Anne's Makeover:

"... Claudia Kishi, wearing a lamé outfit that was all sharp angles and flashy colors."

Jill Stuart Ronneby Lesly Pleated Dress // 7 for all Mankind Minty Pumps

Nothing to celebrate New Year's Eve festivities like party dresses.

Bitches luv party dresses.

I for one will be likely be sticking to a little black dress with my purple JC Litas while hoarding rose brut and Lindeman's Framboise (who's got two thumbs and loves lambic beer? this girl).

Stay safe and remember to drink responsibly. Cheers!


Tree. Nog. Roast Beast.

Happy holidays! I for one have been enthusiastically celebrating the season of the Eggnog Latte, and because of all the warm, sugary, caffeinated tidings it has brought me, I'm spreading the cheer with an on-theme-holiday post(And what's more on theme than the Yule Ball?).

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:

"It was Hermione.

But she didn't look like Hermione at all. She had done something with her hair; it was no longer bushy but sleek and shiny, and twisted up into an elegant knot at the back of her head. She was wearing robes made of a floaty, periwinkle-blue material, and she was holding herself differently, somehow -- or maybe it was merely the absence of the twenty or so books she usually had slung over her back..."

You'd be shocked at the general lack of periwinkle colored ball gowns, but Hermione is a classy chick (but don't tell her I called her a chick or she'll kill me), so it's a fair guess to think she'd go for something along the lines of this David Meister Chiffon Jewel-Shouldered Gown. Even if her night had to end with a screaming match against Ron, at least she had a fabulous ensemble.


What is your childhood trauma Pt. 25

Mystery #5: Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic:

For example, that day she was wearing a lacy white top over a solid white bodysuit, a black mini skirt with white polka dots on it, lacy white leggings, and red high-tops. Plus some really outrageous black-and-white jewelry (earrings and bracelets and necklaces) that she'd made herself out of paper mâché.

AA 3-D Flower Mesh Jumper // AA Basic Bodysuit // Polka Dot Chiffon Skirt // White Lace Leggings

All right, damn it. I'll just say it. I miss What Claudia Wore.

Can I get an amen?


Your balloon animals were pathetic

Glee Season 1 x 11, Hairography:

Finn: I'm gonna say this as nice as i can, but you look like a sad clown hooker.

Sometimes I don't know why I illustrate the things I do(truth).

So maybe explanations are in order... Let's start with our most favorite/despised misguided diva in her disastrous attempt to seduce her high school crush. Insert sexy black AA Disco Pants, loads of hairspray and red lipstick:

One thing we learned from Glee is to love/hate Mash-Ups. I know I can't possibly be the only person in the world to make a stink-face when Rachel Berry popped out of her washroom in a Grease catsuit, but did anyone else remember the scene from "She's All That" when Lainey gets her revenge on clown loving, rich art-bitch Misty via drunken makeover?

Sad clown hooker, indeed.


What is your childhood trauma Pt. 24

#127: Abby's Un-Valentine:

"She was dressed in…a woolly sweater, long black tights with thick blue socks, and hiking boots…[Her] sweater was blue, white, and gray with a snowflake-patterned yoke. It was enormous, stretching almost to her knees.”

This looks like something Mary Anne would wear, but apparently even ghostwriters can take a break from jumpsuits, neon and high tops (I think they may have even put Jessi in something other than a leotard once).

Alas, I haven't included a shopping guide to this particular outfit since I couldn't find a satisfactory snowflake-yoked-chunky-fairisle-sweater at my usual online haunts. Luckily, I'm sure any number of artists over at Etsy would be happy to recreate similar socks and sweater if you asked nicely.


A fourteen-year-old hormone bomb

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:

"Ginny and Gabrielle, both wearing golden dresses, looked even prettier than usual...


'Yes, my tiara sets off the whole thing nicely,' said Auntie Muriel in a rather carrying whisper. "But I must say, Ginevra's dress is far too low cut.'"

Oh Muriel, you old bat - you would think that.

Ok - so technically Ginny is around 16 during Bill & Fleur's wedding, but I thought the quote suited her anyways.

FYI, this particular dress is modeled after this Beading Love Dress from Tobi.com. Fleur ends up donning a (fairly) simple dress, and it's unlikely she would have let her bridesmaids outshine her at her own wedding. Since the book only stipulates her bridesmaid dress to be gold, I picked one with a simple silhouette instead of anything too racy (read: deep necklines) since Fleur's 11-year old sister also had to wear one.


What is your childhood trauma Pt. 23

#68: Jessi and the Bad Baby-sitter:

"For example, today she was wearing an oversized white shirt under a black vest covered with a design of shiny beads. (She sewed the beads on it herself.) She wore neon green leggings and black ballet slippers (on which she'd sewn a matching bead design). From one of her pierced ears hung a dangling earring made from the same beads and on the other ear she wore a small green hoop earring. It was an original look that only Claudia could make work."

T by A.Wang Classic Long Sleeve Tee // Sonia Rykiel Sequined Vest
AA Shiny Tricot Leggings // Repetto BB Polka-dot Ballerina Flats

I skimped on the beads and her hair covers her ears, so I made up with some nice, gaudy green eyeshadow. Otherwise, I think the outfit is pretty accurate.


I'm going through some changes

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:

"She looked the youngest there; she has a pale heart-shaped face, dark twinkling eyes, and short spiky hair that was a violent shade of violet.


...a second later, her hair had turned bubble-gum pink.

'How did you do that?' said Harry, gaping at her as she opened her eyes again.

'I'm a Metamorphmagus,' she said, looking back at her reflection and turning her head so that she could see her hair from all directions. 'It means I can change my appearance at will...'"

I try to follow canon (and I am not opposed to her movie appearance), but seeing as Tonks can make herself look anyways she wants, it's a moot point. However, my fanon version* always pegged her as a pale, ultra-skinny, 90s-grungy pixie with big, expressive eyes... Like a cross between Mila Kunis and Amuro Namie with technicolor hair.

* - also, my fanon Lupin was Edward Norton**
** - and Sirius was Brad Pitt when he had his Grizzly Adams beard

PS - Hurrah for my first GIF!


What is your childhood trauma Pt. 22

#63: Claudia's Freind Friend:

...A giant blue-and-white striped shirt and socks with blue spots, over blue bike shorts that matched the stripes and the spots.

AA Twist Scarf // Striped Sweater // AA Cycle Short
Happy Socks // Opening Ceremony Bernadette T-Platform