A kissy here, a kissy there

Glee Season 2 x 12, Silly Love Songs:

Santana: Please - I've had mono so many times, it turned into stereo.

While I don't have Santana-induced-mono(or stereo), I do seem to have come down with some kind of post-Valentine-virus, which seriously bums me out considering I have yet to venture out of the house to take advantage of the massive after holiday chocolate discounts *weeps*.

But considering the Brittana fandom finally got the long awaited kiss we'd nearly given up on after a disastrous second season, I'm celebrating with a sniffly nose, happy heart and sexy candy striper costume.


What is your childhood trauma Pt. 29

Get ready to get your fictional-Man-Repeller on.

#107: Mind Your Own Business, Kristy!:

"...she was wearing an old fringed leather vest she’d found in a thrift shop; an oversize plaid shirt with a super-thick striped tie; and bell-bottomed pants with two different color legs. Her hair was pulled back with a hairclip in the shape of a VCR."

Polka Dot Vintage Shop Leather Fringe Vest //Etoile Isabel Marant Meg Plaid Shirt-Dress
Opening Ceremony Spaghetti Strap Onesie // Opening Ceremony Lace Up Heeled Booties

Hmm yeah, there is one part of this outfit that really boggles the mind.

Why a VCR? Wouldn't a VHS make (marginally) more sense?

Needless to say when I saw the new releases at Opening Ceremony, even if they aren't the correct silhouette, I had to work in the split colored onesie into this illustration (Let's face it - if OC isn't willing to go there, two-tone bell bottoms are not going to happen). #idontcarehowdibblemallorythinksyouare #believeinopeningceremony #manrepellersunite