Hey I've died twice

But really, I'm still kicking and clawing my way through life... I absolutely did not mean for my break between posts to extend to nearly two months! I'm currently (re)working on multiple life-projects, and as of most recently (like today), my main priority is figuring out the wireframes for my website redesign. Considering the artistic direction my life has been creeping towards, I've decided to make it primarily based on the fashion illustrations from this blog (well, the recent-ish ones for now since the older ones will need quite a bit of rework before they are portfolio quality). I'm also trying my hand at some freelance web/graphic design, so everybody keep your fingers crossed.

That's the latest updates in the 'verse - Claudia posts will be back shortly, but until then, enjoy this snippet from 90s Flashback:

No way is Claudia too dumb to know who Bach was.

She does, however, know that “hermano” is Spanish for “brother,” so she’s smarter than anyone with the last name Bluth.